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Thanks to Isabella and Smoke Stopper I feel like I’ve never smoked before in my life!  Anita (Salt River)*

With Smoke Stopper it has been so much easier to quit and sticking to it – I feel like a new person. Kevin (Durbanville)*

Having smoked for 30 years, pretty hard core really, and having tried many, many different methods & substitutes…quite frankly ALL Of them, this is the one that has worked for me. THANK YOU so much Isabella for helping me…I still actually can’t believe it as it’s been a pest in my life for such a long time! Michelle (Camps Bay)*

Thanks to Isabella, I am a true non-smoker now, I really don’t miss it at all!  Quintin (Cape Town)*

With the Auricular Treatment you really DON’T have cravings! Juan (Table View)*

I feel so much better! I am not irritable, no intense cravings, thank you so much! Rose (Cape Town)*

It’s been a months and I had two glasses of wine for the 1st time and I am happy to say I didn’t crave a cigarette at all! I am running and feeling fit and wonderful! Debbie (Blaauwberg)*

I don’t have any cravings, the thought is there but not the physical cravings. Thanks so much for helping me! Kimberley (Cape Town)*

Thank you Isabella for the life change! Violet & Garry (Durbanville)*