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Well, I am about to find out… My partner and I have been doing quite a bit of reading the past few weeks on diseases like cancer and more specifically Alzheimer’s disease. It was very interesting to read that studies are showing this very sad disease can be prevented by changing your diet to a no carb, high fat diet.

Dr Mercola, an Osteopathic physician in the USA, wrote an article referring to a Dr. David Perlmutter, author of the book Grain Brain. He claims that high-carb diets are associated with 89% increased risk for Dementia.

And now Tim Noakes is also claiming that a no carb diet is the way to go. The Real Meal Revolution based on the Banting diet (William Banting made this diet popular in 1860!) is on everybody’s’ lips. Although I’ve never been a trend setter or follower, I don’t like to miss out on an amazing eating plan if it can keep me healthy, gives me ample energy and helps with my training performance. So I have decided that I have to try it. I can’t advise people or give an opinion if I haven’t tried it myself. And to show you how serious I am about it – I had a lovely medium rare fillet steak yesterday! The first one in 13 years and it was really good!

I have always said that whatever eating plan you follow, it has to be sustainable. What does that mean to me?

- Easy to follow

- Affordable

- Enable you to have a social life

- Taste good

- Whatever you are doing today, ask yourself if you will be able to do it for the rest of your life.

I hope to answer all these questions in a month’s time.

I baked the no carb bread last night and it is really not bad. It also didn’t take me that long to make. I had two eggs and half an avo with a piece of the bread this morning and lunch was the same except for cheese instead of egg. Tonight will be calamari in butter with cauliflower rice.

I have committed to this for a month and I will report back on a weekly basis.

Let the Banting begins!