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Isabella – Auricular Therapist, Massage Therapist & Wellness Coach

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Our lives are stressful and demanding, whether you are a stay at home mom or a CEO, everybody demands something from you and at the end of the day there is very little energy left for ourselves. The result – we smoke to calm ourselves down, we overeat to comfort ourselves. We are depressed and anxious because modern day pace is just too fast and the pressure just too high. We can’t do much about that, however, we can change the way we handle the stress and demands.

At the beginning of 2010 at the age of 34, I was a 15 a day smoker, I was 30 kilograms overweight and so depressed I went for days not getting dressed or leaving the house. I used cigarettes as my companion and food for comfort. I managed to stop smoking and lost 32 kilograms. I therefore understand the challenges of these addictions and deal with my own challenges every day. I came to understand that we have to look at it in the same way we look at personal relationships. We have to break up with these abusive relationships to enable us to live free and healthy lives.



At Transform Yourself, we help you with these challenges, understanding how hard it is to make these changes but that the rewards are worth every effort.

We help you to give yourself and your loved one’s the greatest gift you can  –  being healthy!

I use a combination of Auricular therapy together with counselling and after care support to overcome these addictions. Auricular therapy is based on ancient Chinese medicine and was modernised in the 1950’s by a French Neurologist Dr Paul Nogier.

When we smoke, our brain gets addicted to the dopamine that is released by the nicotine. The Stop Smoking treatment increases the Beta Endorphins or better known as feel good hormones by stimulating specific reflex points on the ear with an electro sensor. The result is a significant reduction of cravings, anxiety and stress and it leaves you with a feeling of well being that gives you the energy to focus on the emotional side of this addiction.

Sugar addiction works the same way. Once the body is sugar free, I assist you with a healthy, easy to follow, no sugar eating plan to reduce and ultimately maintain your correct weight.

At Transform Yourself we don’t just provide the tools to change your lifestyle. We understand that the commitment to change your life is the first step but remaining committed to the program over a significant period of time is the real challenge. That is where ongoing support and guidance are needed – and we are there to help you!

Because you are worth it…..


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